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Engineering diversity: Our work in action

What do a church, a county, a hospital, a substation and a California Tiger Salamander have in common? They all brought challenges that we solved.

The Church on the Hill
Here's the church. Here's the steep hill...see our design to protect all the people.

Contra Costa Regional Medical Center
What begins as a survey for a parking lot becomes a rewarding tale of long-lost land.

City of Modesto Microwave Link
Two waste water treatment plants get high-speed communication, and Modesto gets a tower of power to produce revenue.

Willow Pass Business Park
In this hillside habitat, we make the grade, go with the flow, and save our client half a million bucks.

Shiloh II Wind Farm Communications Network
There’s something in the air at this wind farm. Namely, massive amounts of data traveling at high speed, courtesy of an innovative solution that saved our client significant time and money.