How We’ve Saved Clients Money

Money-saving wins and windfalls

At JES Engineering, we take pride in saving clients money. We’re always on the lookout to leverage experience, utilize technology and find little-known ways to cut costs. Some cost savings arrive as a nice windfall. While we can’t guarantee these kinds of savings, we can guarantee that we’ll do what we can to find them.

The following are a few of the innovative ways we’ve saved clients money.

The road to saving is paved with good detection.

When designing a new parking lot access for the Contra Costa Regional Medical Center (CCRMC), JES CEO/Owner Glen Lewis knew from plenty of first-hand experience that sometimes boundaries in abandoned streets aren’t what they should be. CCRMC thought they only owned half the street, but was this the case? After some consideration, investigation, conversation and coordination, the JES team’s efforts paid off. The entire street, not half, actually belonged to the CCRMC. This “who knew?” happy ending saved our client tens of thousands of dollars. To read the case study, click here.

Asset management: Leveraging an existing facility.

It’s no secret that missing deadlines is costly. Sometimes, we save clients money by providing a solution to get things done more quickly and efficiently. At the Shiloh II wind farm, the local phone company set out to provide a $500,000 direct fiber communication link. Trouble was, it would have missed the deadline by months, it greatly exceeded the budget, and it fell far short of the communication capacity that Shiloh II needed. The JES solution made the most of something the client already had. We designed a two-hop microwave communication link, and utilized an existing communication facility with high-capacity fiber readily available. Presto! The solution kept our client on schedule and well under budget. Our approach also allowed enough capacity for current and future needs, and even provided a high-speed data link to the project's O&M facility. These extras, in turn, saved our client hundreds of thousands of dollars. To read the case study, click here.

"Pardon me, would you mind dropping these $500,000 fees?"

They say knowledge is power. And in the case of the Willow Pass Business Park, our knowledge yielded cold-hard cash. The development was required to annex into an existing Benefit Assessment District. It was also required to pay a Drainage Deficiency Fee. The cost for these fees? About $500,000. Fortunately, JES CEO/Owner Glen Lewis has decades of experience in local government, and knew with certainty that the fees weren't warranted. In fact, they would have created a double-dipping situation. After contesting the fees and proving they weren't required, we saved our client the $500,000. This kind of expertise is a perk that can really perk up a bottom line. To read the case study, click here.